Selasa, 19 Mei 2015



Cash Waqf can become one of the alternative instruments for the poverty alleviation worldwide. It is a trust fund established with money to support services to mankind in the name of Allah. Cash waqf has come as a great alternative for individuals who do not have immovable asset but rather have movable asset, for example cash. However, cash waqf in Malaysia is still at infancy level. There are several issues pertaining to the implementation and management of cash waqf in Malaysia. Realising the advantage and benefit of cash waqf, Yayasan KUIS would like to conduct a conference to further explore the research on cash waqf.

To promote and encourage the researchers to explore and investigate on cash waqf.
To provide wider opportunities for academicians, researchers, industry players and policy makers to meet and exchange knowledge and ideas.
To contribute to the body of knowledge relating to cash waqf.
To propose the cash waqf model or structure to the industry players.

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